Rackmount MP AMD boxes?

Ken Gunderson kgunders at teamcool.net
Mon May 16 01:01:17 PDT 2005

On Mon, 16 May 2005 00:18:15 -0700
ray at redshift.com wrote:

> | My distributor was temporarily out of stock so I tried to do some biz
> | w/ these guys recently.  They kept pushing Intel, Intel, Intel...
> | Prices were way higher than I could get elsewhere and they told me in
> | not so many words that I was too small time to be of much interest to
> | them.  A few hundred nodes might pique their interest but one certainly
> | didn't.  Did talk w/one of their tech guys for about an hour or so and
> | he was quite knowledgeable and helpful.  Experience w/sales dept. was
> | just the opposite.  Arrogant would sum it up...
> Hi Ken,
>   That's odd - how long ago was this?  I believe they are mainly an AMD provider
> and don't do much with Intel (or at least haven't in the last year or so).  Do
> you happen to remember the name of the person you spoke with?

I would estimate it was about 4-5 weeks ago.  Sorry but I don't recall
any names.  Tech guy was good.  Sales guy I got transferred to was
supposedly one of the head honchos.  Don't recall specifics but I have
vague recollection of Indian (?) accent and that he may have been part
owner and/or manager.  Anyhow, I have a reseller's license and he was
only willing to give me something like 3% off retail website prices,
wh/ were on the high side to begin with.  And like I mentioned
previously, pretty much told me in so many words that I wasn't worth
their time.  Attitude was definitely one of them doing me the favor by
selling to me rather than me doing them the favor of giving them my

>   I've had only great luck with them, even on small orders like a few hard
> drives, 1 or 2 servers, etc.  If you speak directly with Eren - his e-mail
> address is (eniazi at ossmail.com) - I would think you'd have similar luck :-)  
>   Eren is a very nice and very helpful guy.

Glad they've worked out well for you but I'd certainly never consider
them ever again unless I was in a real bind and out of options.  I may
have only been dropping 4 grand but for me that's not mere chump change
and I didn't appreciate being treated like one.  

Best regards,

Ken Gunderson
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