Rackmount MP AMD boxes?

ray at redshift.com ray at redshift.com
Mon May 16 00:18:00 PDT 2005

| My distributor was temporarily out of stock so I tried to do some biz
| w/ these guys recently.  They kept pushing Intel, Intel, Intel...
| Prices were way higher than I could get elsewhere and they told me in
| not so many words that I was too small time to be of much interest to
| them.  A few hundred nodes might pique their interest but one certainly
| didn't.  Did talk w/one of their tech guys for about an hour or so and
| he was quite knowledgeable and helpful.  Experience w/sales dept. was
| just the opposite.  Arrogant would sum it up...

Hi Ken,

  That's odd - how long ago was this?  I believe they are mainly an AMD provider
and don't do much with Intel (or at least haven't in the last year or so).  Do
you happen to remember the name of the person you spoke with?

  I've had only great luck with them, even on small orders like a few hard
drives, 1 or 2 servers, etc.  If you speak directly with Eren - his e-mail
address is (eniazi at ossmail.com) - I would think you'd have similar luck :-)  

  Eren is a very nice and very helpful guy.


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