Advice on server configuration

chuck remes cremes.devlist at
Mon Dec 26 13:11:54 PST 2005

I need some advice on building a server to run 6.0-RELEASE.

I'm unsure of what the exact usage profile for the applications will  
be so I'd like to over-engineer this first server so it can handle  
multiple tasks. It will run the following:

1. Several Ruby applications that primarily do I/O.
2. MySQL - database will have 6 tables, average of 15 fields per  
table, average of 10k rows each
3. lighttpd web server
4. Ruby on Rails web app
5. vsftpd FTP server

Each item has a different usage profile. Items 2, 3 and 4 are pretty  
tightly coupled. I project only 10 connections per second.

Items 1 and 5 will be handling the I/O. Multi-gigabyte files will be  
coming in via #5 and then will be processed and/or copied by #1.

The server will be connected to the Internet via a 50Mb pipe behind a  

I figure as the real-life usage pattern becomes obvious I can break  
out the server into a lightweight web-head, dedicated MySQL server  
box, etc.

Anyway, here is what I am looking to build. I'm hopeful that 6.0- 
RELEASE supports all this.

1. Tyan Thunder K8S Pro S2882G3NR
2. Single Opteron 265 dual-core
3. Chenbro RM312 SATA ML (Multi Lane BP) backplane
4. 12 x Maxtor DiamondMax SATA 300GB
5. 3ware 9550SX 12 port Multi-lane RAID card 


5. Areca ARC-1130ML 12 port Multi-lane RAID card
6. RAM, power supply, etc.

I've read (while lurking) good things on this list about the 3ware  
products and freebsd's driver support, but I haven't seen nearly as  
many comments about the Areca products. I have seen the Tyan  
motherboard listed as being compatible with 5.2 but no notes at all  
about 6.0. Stability is pretty important to me; I don't want to have  
to fight the server if I can avoid it.

I appreciate any and all feedback or pointers. If I should ask this  
question on a different list (or forum), let me know.


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