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Mon Dec 26 13:48:43 PST 2005

On Mon, 26 Dec 2005 15:11:49 -0600
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> I need some advice on building a server to run 6.0-RELEASE.
> I'm unsure of what the exact usage profile for the applications will  
> be so I'd like to over-engineer this first server so it can handle  
> multiple tasks. It will run the following:
> 1. Several Ruby applications that primarily do I/O.
> 2. MySQL - database will have 6 tables, average of 15 fields per  
> table, average of 10k rows each
> 3. lighttpd web server
> 4. Ruby on Rails web app
> 5. vsftpd FTP server
> Each item has a different usage profile. Items 2, 3 and 4 are pretty  
> tightly coupled. I project only 10 connections per second.
> Items 1 and 5 will be handling the I/O. Multi-gigabyte files will be  
> coming in via #5 and then will be processed and/or copied by #1.
> The server will be connected to the Internet via a 50Mb pipe behind a  
> firewall.
> I figure as the real-life usage pattern becomes obvious I can break  
> out the server into a lightweight web-head, dedicated MySQL server  
> box, etc.
> Anyway, here is what I am looking to build. I'm hopeful that 6.0- 
> RELEASE supports all this.
> 1. Tyan Thunder K8S Pro S2882G3NR
> 2. Single Opteron 265 dual-core
> 3. Chenbro RM312 SATA ML (Multi Lane BP) backplane
> 4. 12 x Maxtor DiamondMax SATA 300GB
> 5. 3ware 9550SX 12 port Multi-lane RAID card
> catalog%5Fname=Interface+%26+IO+Adapters&category% 
> 5Fname=10g10c86s270&product%5Fid=881465
> OR
> 5. Areca ARC-1130ML 12 port Multi-lane RAID card
> 6. RAM, power supply, etc.
> I've read (while lurking) good things on this list about the 3ware  
> products and freebsd's driver support, but I haven't seen nearly as  
> many comments about the Areca products. I have seen the Tyan  
> motherboard listed as being compatible with 5.2 but no notes at all  
> about 6.0. Stability is pretty important to me; I don't want to have  
> to fight the server if I can avoid it.
> I appreciate any and all feedback or pointers. If I should ask this  
> question on a different list (or forum), let me know.

I'd be taking a serious look at the Sun x2100's discussed on this list
recently.  Bang for the buck looks awesome.  It's a sIngle Opteron 100
based system.  Then if you need more disk I/O and db heavy lifting add
a 2nd db machine.  You still get a Tyan based system but form a company
w/enough clout to kick Tyan in the butt andget them moving if a hw bug
is uncovered. 

fwiw- I don't like Maxtor HD's.  Yeah, I know SR raves about the
performance but I still don't see them as enterprise class storage
unless the emphasis is on cheap and mass.  Do you really need 12x300GB
of storage? If not and you're hooked on SATA why not consider the WD
Raptor/  Personally I'm still a SCSI guy when it comes to anything
that's going to be doing any disk I/ O though so take my $0.02 w/a
grain of salt.

Best regards,

Ken Gunderson

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