java/jdk15 help [SOLVED?]

Ernst W. Winter ewinter at
Thu Apr 21 22:25:19 PDT 2005

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005, Palle Girgensohn wrote:

> --On tisdag, mars 22, 2005 08.37.19 -0500 Damian Gerow 
> <dgerow at> wrote:
> >Thus spake Damian Gerow (dgerow at [19/03/05 08:44]:
> >: I've noticed that a few people here have successfully gotten a native
> >: java/jdk15 built.  Can one of those people lend me a hand, please?
> >:
> >: I've installed linux-sun-jdk-, and worked around the wonky
> >problem : thrown by the jdk15 build.  But afterwards, all I seem to get
> >is hung javac : processes, each consuming 100% of CPU.
> >
> >By some ridiculous fluke, I tried a build with WITH_IPV6 defined.  It
> >built without any issue whatsoever, and has now been installed.  So I at
> >least have a JDK at this point; now to try to figure out how/why it's
> >failing when I don't want IPV6 support.
> Are you sure about this? I mean that it all worked when compiling 
I haven't tried this one, but mine is working well.

> I'm trying to get the linux-sun-jdk- javac to compile
> anything, but it just starts consuming 100% forever for a simple
> hello world app.  There's no way it could build anything? What
> gives? Same thing happens when running the port jdk15 port gets to
> the javac part, or even running jar...
Hmm, I owuld say some settings are not right by the sound of this.

> I just noticed that it does not happen every time. I managed to run
> linux 1.4 javac on a simple hello world app a dozen times in a row,
> but on the thirteenth time it stuck, and the two javac processes
> required a kill -9 to die.
NO problem here to run Linuz Apps.

> This is on a Dell 2850 dual CPU (with hyperthreading, so four
> "virtual" cpus), so it is not really an AMD64, but "EMT64".
MIne is a single 939 with ASUS MB.

> I'm quite amazed that I see reports of java working on amd64. On
> this machine it is completely impossible, as linux bootstrapping
> jdk hangs all the time. Most other things work on the machine,
> although I've experienced some stability problems. Could it be a
> hardware problem?
NOt likeley form what I can say, try to contact:

Jon Kuster <kwsn at>

as I helped him a bit to get his problem fixed and from what I
remember he had the same machine. Say hello form me.

I won't be here as from the next hour and will be back on Monday
afternoon, and then I can help if you still need any help.

Have a nice weekend.


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