java/jdk15 help [SOLVED?]

Damian Gerow dgerow at
Thu Apr 21 16:12:04 PDT 2005

Thus spake Palle Girgensohn (girgen at [21/04/05 18:34]:
: >By some ridiculous fluke, I tried a build with WITH_IPV6 defined.  It
: >built without any issue whatsoever, and has now been installed.  So I at
: >least have a JDK at this point; now to try to figure out how/why it's
: >failing when I don't want IPV6 support.
: Are you sure about this? I mean that it all worked when compiling 

Pretty sure.  I tried a build without WITH_IPV6, and it didn't work.  I
cleaned, and tried a build /with/ WITH_IPV6, and it worked.  Someone else
reported that defining another option also made it work for him.

: This is on a Dell 2850 dual CPU (with hyperthreading, so four "virtual" 
: cpus), so it is not really an AMD64, but "EMT64".
: I'm quite amazed that I see reports of java working on amd64. On this 
: machine it is completely impossible, as linux bootstrapping jdk hangs all 
: the time. Most other things work on the machine, although I've experienced 
: some stability problems. Could it be a hardware problem?

Could be an EMT64 vs AMD64 problem.  AFAIk, 'EMT64' machines aren't as
common as AMD64 machines.

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