Tyan k8sr lockups

Doug White dwhite at gumbysoft.com
Sat Apr 2 15:30:33 PST 2005

Dropping scsi cc as this isn't specifically scsi related

On Sat, 2 Apr 2005, Roger Marquis wrote:

> Gary Mu1der <gmulder at infotechfl.com> wrote:
> >Any idea how we can get more diagnostics on what in FreeBSD is causing
> >the crash?
> This wasn't a U320 SCSI system by any chance?  The reason I ask is
> that it is very similar to problem a few months ago, on a Tyan
> S2881, which turned out to be pci-x bus related.  Have also seen
> similar/identical issues with other Tyan boards when used with U320
> SCSI controllers.

3ware cards have a similar issue and 3ware recommends 1U riser cards with
components onboard to mitigate timing and signal loss issues if the system
has hang/lockup or mysterious disk failures.

The ordering information I have is:

Adex P/N: PCITX8-3R (be sure and ask for the R part)
Cheryl Roberts
Tel: 949-597-1772  Fax: 949-597-1729
Email: cheryl at adexelec.com  http://www.adexelec.com

>From tyan 9/2004:

> >>Purpose of this email is to notify you that we have verified the
> >>compatibility issue with Tyan S2881 and Adaptec 2200S. Root cause seems
> >>to be timing margin issue with the AMD8131 PCI-X bus. There is an ECN
> >>that addresses this issue which has been implemented on the S2881 based
> >>system that was delivered to Tyan Fremont. With this ECN stability has,
> >>so far, improved though the testings are not yet complete. Results of
> >>this testing should be done within the next few days.

Good to know.  It may be beneficial to start tracking motherboard

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