Tyan k8sr lockups

Roger Marquis marquis at roble.com
Sat Apr 2 13:01:15 PST 2005

Gary Mu1der <gmulder at infotechfl.com> wrote:
>Any idea how we can get more diagnostics on what in FreeBSD is causing
>the crash?

This wasn't a U320 SCSI system by any chance?  The reason I ask is
that it is very similar to problem a few months ago, on a Tyan
S2881, which turned out to be pci-x bus related.  Have also seen
similar/identical issues with other Tyan boards when used with U320
SCSI controllers.

Roger Marquis
Roble Systems Consulting

>>From: Ramberto Cumagun <rcumagun at tyan.com>
>>Cc: Patricia Jadrich <Patricia.Jadrich at tyan.com>, 
>>    Anton Rajakoone <antonr at tyan.com>, Randy Arruda <randya at tyan.com>,
>>    Chuck Bartlett <ChuckB at tyan.com>
>>Subject: S2881 / Adaptec 2200S issue
>>Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 12:09:33 -0700
>>Purpose of this email is to notify you that we have verified the
>>compatibility issue with Tyan S2881 and Adaptec 2200S. Root cause seems
>>to be timing margin issue with the AMD8131 PCI-X bus. There is an ECN
>>that addresses this issue which has been implemented on the S2881 based
>>system that was delivered to Tyan Fremont. With this ECN stability has,
>>so far, improved though the testings are not yet complete. Results of
>>this testing should be done within the next few days.

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