Complaints regarding amd64 and FreeBSD 5.X...

Sean Chittenden sean at
Sat Oct 23 02:36:25 PDT 2004

I just installed 5.3-RC1 and things went beautifully.  sysinstall is 
rather obnoxious when fdisk'ing a 1.5TB drive/array with that popup 
message (need to set a static variable so that it only pops it up once 
per session instead of after every keystroke).  Anyway, no matter how 
large the build is (world is done in under 30min now), I can't walk 
away for hours at a time and retain a sense of satisfaction that the 
computer is doing something while I'm away.  By the time I return, the 
machine is idle.  In many cases, it's idle by the time I stand up.  
Going from no ports installed to a completed PostgreSQL install takes 
less than 3 minutes.  Thanks for nothing.  I needed a guilt free trip 
to the bathroom or the vending machine.  Other complaints include:

*) needing to turn off quick boot that way I have a chance of pushing 
delete in time so I can enter the bios
*) getting frustrated with writing down and looking at 64bit addresses. 
  "No one needs more than 4GB of RAM in a server anyway."
*) an admin at my data center was sufficiently impressed with how 
everything "just worked" for amd64 on FreeBSD, whereas Linux 2.6 was a 
struggle to compile and still doesn't work correctly.  I lost my 
freshly burnt 5.3-RC1 disk as a result of this group's competence.  
Since the liability for said competence sits squarely on the shoulders 
of this group, where can I write to get my $0.50 refunded?

One used to get milage out of the "working hard, or hardly working" 
addage.  Now I can't help but dream of the latter and the freedom one 
had to do other things while something compiled over night.

	Exceedingly pleased,

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