Complaints regarding amd64 and FreeBSD 5.X...

Michael Vince mv at
Sat Oct 23 03:38:04 PDT 2004

Sean Chittenden wrote:

> I just installed 5.3-RC1 and things went beautifully.  sysinstall is 
> rather obnoxious when fdisk'ing a 1.5TB drive/array with that popup 
> message (need to set a static variable so that it only pops it up once 
> per session instead of after every keystroke).  Anyway, no matter how 
> large the build is (world is done in under 30min now), I can't walk 
> away for hours at a time and retain a sense of satisfaction that the 
> computer is doing something while I'm away.  By the time I return, the 
> machine is idle.  In many cases, it's idle by the time I stand up.  
> Going from no ports installed to a completed PostgreSQL install takes 
> less than 3 minutes.  Thanks for nothing.  I needed a guilt free trip 
> to the bathroom or the vending machine.  Other complaints include:
> *) needing to turn off quick boot that way I have a chance of pushing 
> delete in time so I can enter the bios
> *) getting frustrated with writing down and looking at 64bit 
> addresses.  "No one needs more than 4GB of RAM in a server anyway."

What if your a JSP hosting service that runs multiple tomcats through 
apache, Java processes nicely eat 200megs per tomcat.

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