HOW TO to get linux emulation going on AMD64 5.3-RC1 !

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at
Sun Oct 24 05:27:55 PDT 2004

This is a step by step guide to get linux emulation to run
on AMD64 5.3-RC1 using the standard emulators/linux_base port.

This is pulled together from the previous work done by Tim Robbins and Francois Tigeot.
Do we need to feed this back to a certain authority ?
If the "authority" reads this please respond,
if not I'll mail it to the maintainer of linux_base in a few days.

1.) Put these varaiables in the Kernel config file:

    options     LINPROCFS
    options     COMPAT_43
    options     COMPAT_LINUX32

    Rebuild the kernel and install it !

2.) Edited /etc/fstab  for linprocfs , add the line:

   none	/compat/linux/proc	linprocfs	rw	0	0

3.) Edit  /etc/rc.conf  and add the line:


4.) Reboot.

5.) Patch  /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base/Makefile with
     Francois Tigeot's patch.

     Put the patch below  in /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base/patchfile

     # patch -p0 < patchfile

--- Makefile.orig	Wed Oct  6 15:13:33 2004
+++ Makefile	Wed Oct  6 16:05:51 2004
@@ -110,6 +110,9 @@
  RPM=			LC_ALL=C rpm
  RPMFLAGS=		--root ${LINUXBASE} --dbpath ${DBPATH} --nodeps \
  			--replacepkgs --ignoreos --ignorearch
+.if (${ARCH} == "amd64")
+RPMFLAGS+=	--noscripts

  REMOVE_DIRS=		boot dev home root tmp var/tmp usr/local usr/tmp
@@ -118,7 +121,7 @@
  BRAND_FILES=		bin/rpm sbin/ldconfig sbin/sln

-FALLBACK_ELF_MIB=	kern.fallback_elf_brand
+FALLBACK_ELF_MIB=	kern.elf32.fallback_brand
  PREVIOUS_ELF!=		/sbin/sysctl -n ${FALLBACK_ELF_MIB}

6.)  Install  linux_base

  # cd /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base
  # make install

7.)  Fix the library searchpath for the linux Emulator to
      find the linux X libraries. Brand some binaries as Linux binaries,
      ( this is done in linux_base makefile for i386 )

# cd /usr/compat/linux
# echo '/usr/X11R6/lib' > etc/
# brandelf -t Linux sbin/ldconfig
# brandelf -t Linux sbin/sln
# brandelf -t Linux sbin/rpm
# sbin/ldconfig

8.)  Reboot again.

Install desired Linux apps and run.


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