5.3Beta6 not working with Asus K8V Deluxe SE

Thomas Fagart tfagart at brozs.net
Sun Oct 10 15:07:23 PDT 2004

Adrian Kamiński a écrit :

>On Fri, 08 Oct 2004 23:02:13 +0200, Thomas Fagart <tfagart at brozs.net> wrote:
>>Release : 5.3BETA7-amd64
>>1. Install
>>1.1 ACPI enable -> Hang during Freebsd boot with the following message :
>>Panic isadma_start : bad bounce buffer
>>1.2 ACPI disable, I get the install screen and successfully launch the
>>installation, but once per two, randomly I've got a hang during the
>>ports copy with : page fault cpuid 0
>>2. After install
>>If per chance I get a "valid" system installed, I can compile kernel,
>>install it, install software, but  system randomly will hang. For sample
>>while doing the make buildworld , it hangs, usually with page fault  error.
>I guess you should better look at your RAM - there is list of
>supported memory types & producents, maybe you should check it. I had
>2x 512MB and one of them was broken so I get similar results (system
>hangs when compiling), after replacement all seems to be all right
>(uptime so far 2 days :).
Ok but then how could we explain that is has been working very well with 
i386 release ? (for almost a year now) ? does amd64 systems requires 
differents type of RAM ?


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