5.3Beta6 not working with Asus K8V Deluxe SE

Thomas Fagart tfagart at brozs.net
Mon Oct 18 11:55:30 PDT 2004


Finally you were right, what I really don't get, is how a server could 
run properly in 32 bits mode with wrong RAM and then not work properly 
in 64 bits mode.

Anyway my issue is solved by buying new "good" RAM.

Thanks a lot.


Adrian Kamiński a écrit :

>On Fri, 08 Oct 2004 23:02:13 +0200, Thomas Fagart <tfagart at brozs.net> wrote:
>>Release : 5.3BETA7-amd64
>>1. Install
>>1.1 ACPI enable -> Hang during Freebsd boot with the following message :
>>Panic isadma_start : bad bounce buffer
>>1.2 ACPI disable, I get the install screen and successfully launch the
>>installation, but once per two, randomly I've got a hang during the
>>ports copy with : page fault cpuid 0
>>2. After install
>>If per chance I get a "valid" system installed, I can compile kernel,
>>install it, install software, but  system randomly will hang. For sample
>>while doing the make buildworld , it hangs, usually with page fault  error.
>I guess you should better look at your RAM - there is list of
>supported memory types & producents, maybe you should check it. I had
>2x 512MB and one of them was broken so I get similar results (system
>hangs when compiling), after replacement all seems to be all right
>(uptime so far 2 days :).

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