amd64/67745: boot fails on compaq presario r3000z

Andrew Lankford andrew.lankford at
Sun Nov 21 10:07:45 PST 2004

>  Now, this could be down to the way I built the miniinst (essentially by 
>  hand-stepping through make release on an x86->amd64 cross-compile -- my 
>  other amd64-based box is completely shot thanks to the local power 
>  company) -- I'd need a native amd64-built miniinst to confirm.

Could you possibly pass on a more detailed description of what you did 
to create your custom miniinst image?  Going by the mail on this thread, 
it doesn't look like anybody has the time/bandwidth to provide a 
bootable disk image that others can download. I've done a make release 
(built for i386 on i386) before and cross-compile on both i386, amd64, 
but creating an amd64 image on an i386 machine (in a clean way) is a 
protracted PITA, as I don't see how you can create a -RELEASE quality 
image for amd64 on a plain old i386 box.  If us disgruntled Compaq 
presario owners could contribute towards making a short script for 
building an experimental boot image on the 386, it would be easier for 
more folks to test the all the kernel patches/tweaks that have been 
floating around.

Andrew Lankford
>  -aDe
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