Dell 2850 & amd64?

Palle Girgensohn girgen at
Fri Nov 19 05:33:00 PST 2004


Just got a Dell 2850 and installed FreeBSD 5.3 (AMD64). It is SMP (double 
Xeon cpus), seems to work fine. I've built an smp kernel from amd64/conf.

The machine shall be a general utility system, running email (cyrus) and 
web (apache), postgresql and php, some simple java (tomcat).

Before I build all ports needed, is there anything I need to set to make 
the ports build 64 bit? All I've done now is to get the kernel built in 
64-bit mode. Is that enough to make all ports built in 64 bit? Shall I set 
CPUTYPE to something? The CPUs are two Xeon, is that p4?

Is it even wise to use amd64? Is it stable enough? Docs say so, but 
browsning this list gives me second thoughts?

Perhaps this is all FAQ and RTFM, but I've searched the net a bit about 
this, couldn't find the right answers. Sorry, I'm still a newbie in 
AMD64-land. :)=


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