Dell 2850 & amd64?

Claus Guttesen cguttesen at
Fri Nov 19 08:36:16 PST 2004

> The machine shall be a general utility system,
> running email (cyrus) and 
> web (apache), postgresql and php, some simple java
> (tomcat).
> Before I build all ports needed, is there anything I
> need to set to make 
> the ports build 64 bit? All I've done now is to get
> the kernel built in 
> 64-bit mode. Is that enough to make all ports built
> in 64 bit? Shall I set 
> CPUTYPE to something? The CPUs are two Xeon, is that
> p4?

I omitted CPUTYPE in /etc/make.conf. Other than that,
you just have to check CPUTYPE in a shell.

> Is it even wise to use amd64? Is it stable enough?
> Docs say so, but 
> browsning this list gives me second thoughts?

I have a 2850 running postgresql, sometimes heavily
loaded, but works like a charm besides that.

There is a description on how to get java working on
this list (as far as I remember).

> Perhaps this is all FAQ and RTFM, but I've searched
> the net a bit about 
> this, couldn't find the right answers. Sorry, I'm
> still a newbie in 
> AMD64-land. :)=

The amd-port appears to be slightly faster than it's
i386-cousin on same hardware.


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