[FreeBSD AMD64 Current] SESNAP 0730 Re: Fwd: Re: Still can't get -current, was Re: getting -current???

Will Andrews will at csociety.org
Fri Jul 30 11:17:37 PDT 2004

On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 12:02:10PM -0500, stuart nichols wrote:
> I'm now using the 0730 build iso.  The installer comes up with the release
> name set to 5.2-CURRENT.  I use the Custom line, make the whole drive a
> FreeBSD partition, then label it with 6 partitions {/, /usr, /usr/local,
> /var, /home, /export}.  This is all how I do the i386 install, and how I
> did the AMD64 5.2.1-RELEASE.
> I select ALL for the distributions and say Yes for the ports.
> I choose FTP for the media and under URL pick snapshots.se.freebsd.org.
> I say No to IPv6 and Yes to DHCP.  I type in a hostname and the rest is
> DHCP supplied.  There is a lookup done on snapshots.se.freebsd.org, and
> then it returns me to the menu where I select Commit.
> The partition/label info gets written and the various partitions get
> initialized.
> Then I get a message saying that the "5.2-CURRENT" distribution files
> cannot be found on the server: "Would you like to try another FTP server?"
> I don't know what path the installer uses to find the release name, but
> I've tried setting it in Options to various names, such as
> 5.2-CURRENT-20040730-SESNAP, but it seems to me that 5.2-CURRENT, or some
> generic -current name, would be the expected value.  I've poked around on
> the server but didn't see any likely candidate directory for the dist
> files.
> What am I missing?  What do I try next?

What do you mean by "dist files"?  The files it's supposed to be
looking for are in {base,crypto,doc,games,...}.  As far as I can
tell the amd64 snapshot release dirs aren't missing anything the
i386 ones have.  Are you sure you are using snapshots.se.freebsd.org?  
I can't find any connections from *.state.tx.us in the logs.


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