shaky support or my system?

Janne Johansson jj at
Wed Feb 4 01:08:15 PST 2004

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I have an amd64-3000 on a Abit motherboard, 1G ram, satadisk and it
works nice enough on 32-bitmode winxp, but I can't get it to be stable
in either fbsd5.2 nor the recent 5.2.1RC. One of the things that makes
it crash for sure is the /usr/ports/benchmarks/ubench program. It does
the cpu-test and prints those results and then when it gets to test
"memory speed" in part 2, it always dies on me. Of course, other
activities related to recently-installed systems makes it crash too.

I thought it could have been the sk-ethernet that was the culprit, since
post-installation-stuff for me includes getting bash/emacs, cvs:ing and
so on and that 5.2.1RC might fix that, but the ubench program uses no
network afaik. So I am wondering, is it the same for other
socket754-amd64-users and what can I do?

Serial console to pick up crash dumps? Turn on more verbose crash-report
stuff somehow? build an even more recent kernel? Turn off smp-support (I
have only one cpu) or power-saving stuff in the bios? Turn on
Cool-n-quiet (some mhz-altering stuff as I gather) or move from SATA to
scsi in case that would be part of the problem?

Advice needed.
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