James Van Artsdalen james at jrv.org
Tue Feb 3 03:39:06 PST 2004

> From: "Haapanen, Tom" <tomh at waterloo.equitrac.com>
> Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 06:20:42 -0500 
> Godinho, Carla wrote:
> > I would like to install on my PC FreeBSD version 4.9 (the stable one). 
> > But I realized that for my Presário 7482, which has an AMD Processor, 
> > there is no FreeBSD v4.9 for AMD available. Which version do you 
> > recommend, since I would like to have stable one?
> Carla,
> Presarios should use the i386 version of FreeBSD -- and that one does have a
> 4.9 available.
> The amd64 version (and mailing list) is for the 64-bit AMD processors:
> Opteron, Athlon FX and Athlon 64.

Her Presario uses a 32-bit-only K6.
But HP does sell the Presario 8000Z which does use an Athlon64.
Other HP brands also have Athlon64 processors.

HP is in the AM64 business, just not the Opteron business.  As of today anyway.

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