shaky support or my system?

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Wed Feb 4 03:51:54 PST 2004

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On Wednesday 04 February 2004 10:08, Janne Johansson wrote:
> I have an amd64-3000 on a Abit motherboard, 1G ram, satadisk and it
> works nice enough on 32-bitmode winxp, but I can't get it to be stable

That's pretty consumer grade - just like what i have (k8vdeluxe, 3200, 1G ram, 
sata on the promise controller). 

> in either fbsd5.2 nor the recent 5.2.1RC. One of the things that makes
> it crash for sure is the /usr/ports/benchmarks/ubench program. It does

Don't run that, it'll just tell you that the system is only marginally faster 
than the athlon XP it replaces. 

> I thought it could have been the sk-ethernet that was the culprit, since
> post-installation-stuff for me includes getting bash/emacs, cvs:ing and

sk ethernet was a problem in early snapshots - I started with one of David's 
snapshots from early november, dropped in an xl card (3c509) , cvsupped to 
- -CURRENT, built that, and all was fine.

> Serial console to pick up crash dumps? Turn on more verbose crash-report

Serial console is always a good idea. Expesially when things crash under X.

> stuff somehow? build an even more recent kernel? Turn off smp-support (I

SMP is mandatory in -CURRENT and doesn't affect UP systems.

> have only one cpu) or power-saving stuff in the bios? Turn on
> Cool-n-quiet (some mhz-altering stuff as I gather) or move from SATA to

The power-saving stuff in the BIOS can be very tricky. I had endless lockups 
when C&Q was turned on - nice and quiet, but max. uptime of about 12 hours. 
Since I've switched that off again and just let the CPU cooler run at max 
speed all the time and don't fiddle with memory timings or voltages, it runs 
much better.

12:51PM  up 14 days, 13:14, 4 users, load averages: 1.35, 1.26, 0.99

Not spectacular, but hey. It means it was 14 days ago that I last accessed the 
cdrom, which is a sure-fire way to panic the system.

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