SMP issues on K8S Pro S2882G3NR

Cassidy B. Larson butch at
Fri Apr 2 11:55:31 PST 2004

On 4/2/04 12:06 PM, "Don Bowman" <don at> wrote:
> Make sure your air flow is forced over the CPU. Air takes
> the path of least resistance, so e.g. opening the top
> of the case will make the air escape. The fans should
> be ducted to go directly over the heat sink, there will
> be foam or something to make this happen. Operate with the
> case closed.
> run e.g. lmmon to see your temperatures. I don't know
> how to do this with amd, with intel xeon, there is on
> chip sensor on smb.

Yes, CPU air flow is forced over the cpu copper heat sinks. And the top of
the case is firmly in place.

I let it sit over night to "cool down".  Upon boot-up the CPU temperatures
started around 104-105 F.  Letting them sit in the BIOS noticing the
temperature go up over 130F.

Booting into 5.2.1 with SMP kernel, I ran my perl fork mysql test scripts
six times then it froze. Back into BIOS I went again after a power cycle and
the temperatures were at 185 and 175.  Not as hot as yesterday, but I only
had it up for 10 minutes total from a cold state.

Anybody have any temperature monitoring apps for amd 5.2.1?

Anybody know what the lock-up temperature is AMD sets into their chips?

Or does anybody know how hot their 1U dual opteron 246 servers run? :)


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