SMP issues on K8S Pro S2882G3NR

Don Bowman don at
Fri Apr 2 11:06:05 PST 2004

From: Cassidy B. Larson [mailto:butch at]
> One more question I had.
> What's the typical temperature of two 246 opterons?  We have 
> it in a 1U box
> with fans and ventilation galore, but when I push the box for 
> more then 20
> seconds with 0 CPU free, it freezes.  A quick power cycle 
> into the BIOS
> details that I'm running at over 95 degrees centigrade.  
> Letting it cool
> down will let me run my CPU test another 2-3 times then freezes again.
> I looked through the Tyan manual and found nothing of the 
> halt temperature,
> nor AMD's site.
> If needs be I may send this back and get a 2U case with 
> better cooling.
> Argh. 

Make sure your air flow is forced over the CPU. Air takes
the path of least resistance, so e.g. opening the top
of the case will make the air escape. The fans should
be ducted to go directly over the heat sink, there will
be foam or something to make this happen. Operate with the
case closed.

run e.g. lmmon to see your temperatures. I don't know
how to do this with amd, with intel xeon, there is on
chip sensor on smb.

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