SMP issues on K8S Pro S2882G3NR

Bob Willcox bob at
Fri Apr 2 13:12:44 PST 2004

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 12:54:36PM -0700, Cassidy B. Larson wrote:
> On 4/2/04 12:06 PM, "Don Bowman" <don at> wrote:
> > 
> > Make sure your air flow is forced over the CPU. Air takes
> > the path of least resistance, so e.g. opening the top
> > of the case will make the air escape. The fans should
> > be ducted to go directly over the heat sink, there will
> > be foam or something to make this happen. Operate with the
> > case closed.
> > 
> > run e.g. lmmon to see your temperatures. I don't know
> > how to do this with amd, with intel xeon, there is on
> > chip sensor on smb.
> > 
> > 
> Yes, CPU air flow is forced over the cpu copper heat sinks. And the top of
> the case is firmly in place.
> I let it sit over night to "cool down".  Upon boot-up the CPU temperatures
> started around 104-105 F.  Letting them sit in the BIOS noticing the
> temperature go up over 130F.
> Booting into 5.2.1 with SMP kernel, I ran my perl fork mysql test scripts
> six times then it froze. Back into BIOS I went again after a power cycle and
> the temperatures were at 185 and 175.  Not as hot as yesterday, but I only
> had it up for 10 minutes total from a cold state.
> Anybody have any temperature monitoring apps for amd 5.2.1?

xmbmon (I usually use the cli version, mbmon) works on my amd64 system.
However, my motherboard is an ASUS SK8V, not a Tyan (also only a single
CPU model, an Opteron 146).

> Anybody know what the lock-up temperature is AMD sets into their chips?

When mostly idle, my system's CPU temperature swings between about 45
and 53 degrees Celsius, as the CPU cooler fan turns on and off. When
running under a constant (heavy) load, the temperature stabilizes at
about 49 C (with the CPU cooler fan running at a constant appx. 2000

> Or does anybody know how hot their 1U dual opteron 246 servers run? :)

Of course, my system isn't a 1U dual server so I would expect it to run
cooler than yours, but if I had a system with the CPUs running as hot as
yours I would worry... :-(


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