Request for advice

Petrus petrus4 at
Wed Jun 6 20:40:03 UTC 2012

I'm currently planning on taking the BSD Association certification, as 
described here.  (

Although I am primarily doing so for personal, rather than economic 
reasons, I did want to ask whether or not it possibly *would* add to a 
resume, in the opinions of people here.  As much as I've loved using 
FreeBSD myself, I've been looking for trend and market share numbers on 
the Web recently, and what I've found has been fairly depressing; the 
indication usually seems to be a gradual, long term decline of the three 
major BSDs, with virtually all UNIX market share moving in the direction 
of Debian Linux.  With that said, I've also noticed that FreeBSD is 
still visible on Netcraft's list of the most reliable ISPs.

I consider this tragic, because after close to 15 years of at least 
intermittent use of both systems, I have developed a belief that FreeBSD 
is vastly technically superior to any form of Linux that I have used, 
including Debian.

So I wanted to ask; how possible is it still, to become gainfully 
employed as a BSD administrator?  Once I have the BSD certification, 
will it be necessary to concede to reality, and also seek certification 
in Linux as well?  I have long considered that idea, but the problem is 
that Linux training generally costs a minimum of $2,000, and I do not 
have that type of money available.

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