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Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Thu Jun 7 09:07:40 UTC 2012

Petrus <petrus4 at> writes:
> Although I am primarily doing so for personal, rather than economic
> reasons, I did want to ask whether or not it possibly *would* add to a
> resume, in the opinions of people here.

What you should ask yourself instead is "can it possibly hurt?"

> So I wanted to ask; how possible is it still, to become gainfully
> employed as a BSD administrator?  Once I have the BSD certification,
> will it be necessary to concede to reality, and also seek
> certification in Linux as well?

It is undoubtedly much easier to get a Linux job than a BSD job, unless
you are willing to relocate to where the BSD jobs are.

> I have long considered that idea, but the problem is that Linux
> training generally costs a minimum of $2,000, and I do not have that
> type of money available.

I got LPIC-1 without any training, after only a few months of using
Linux.  There is a lot of overlap with FreeBSD and other Unices.  The
exam itself costs $173 at any Pearson VUE location.

The BSDA exam costs $75 and is usually given at F/OSS conferences and
user group meetings.

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