Netflix's New Peering Appliance Uses FreeBSD

Bruce Cran bruce at
Tue Jun 5 19:48:05 UTC 2012

[cc freebsd-advocacy]

On 05/06/2012 16:56, Benjamin Francom wrote:
> I just saw this, and thought I'd share:
> Open Connect Appliance Software
> Netflix delivers streaming content using a combination of intelligent
> clients, a central control system, and a network of Open Connect appliances.
> When designing the Open Connect Appliance Software, we focused on these
> fundamental design goals:
>     - Use of Open Source software
>     - Ability to efficiently read from disk and write to network sockets
>     - High-performance HTTP delivery
>     - Ability to gather routing information via BGP
> Operating System
> For the operating system, we use FreeBSD<>  version
> 9.0. This was selected for its balance of stability and features, a strong
> development community and staff expertise. We will contribute changes we
> make as part of our project to the community through the FreeBSD committers
> on our team.
> Web server
> We use the nginx<>  web server for its proven
> scalability and performance. Netflix audio and video is served via HTTP.
> Routing intelligence proxy
> We use the BIRD Internet routing daemon<>  to enable
> the transfer of network topology from ISP networks to the Netflix control
> system that directs clients to sources of content.
> Acknowledgements
> We would would like to express our thanks to the FreeBSD community, the
> nginx community, and Ondrej and the BIRD team for providing excellent open
> source software. We also work directly with Igor, Maxim, Andrew, Sergey,
> Ruslan and the rest of the team at<>, who
> provide superb development support for our project."

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