National mailinglists - why isn't it there yet?

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Sun Mar 2 21:44:13 UTC 2008

Ed Schouten wrote:
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> Hello everyone,
> I was just speaking with another dutch FreeBSD user (and developer)
> about FreeBSD mailing lists.
> I know so far most of the national FreeBSD user groups have their own
> infrastructure that doesn't use any services from the FreeBSD project
> (for example, the Dutch BSD User Group, D-BUG).
> Even though I am convinced the FreeBSD project should remain focused on
> developing its flagship product, the operating system, I think the
> community would have a great advantage if the project would already host
> national mailing lists, which should only be used for questions in the
> rare cases where the person doesn't understand English, but mainly to
> coordinate activities which have a national scope.
> These mailing lists could be used to discuss upcoming events and
> conferences, but could also be used for discussions about translations
> of the documentation.
> Is there a reason why such mailing lists don't exist yet? If not, what
> kind of procedures should one follow to create a mailing list for a
> certain language?
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>  Ed Schouten <ed at>

Only country I know of is Germany: In that case there is a DNS
localy delegated namespace sub domain, & within that
there were (last I looked) 7 lists run from a majordomo@ (not a
mailman@ http:// interface though they do have a mirror of the
standard http:// stuff ) Each country's localy oriented nationals
can do their own thing within that.

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