National mailinglists - why isn't it there yet?

Ed Schouten ed at
Sun Mar 2 21:04:36 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

I was just speaking with another dutch FreeBSD user (and developer)
about FreeBSD mailing lists.

I know so far most of the national FreeBSD user groups have their own
infrastructure that doesn't use any services from the FreeBSD project
(for example, the Dutch BSD User Group, D-BUG).

Even though I am convinced the FreeBSD project should remain focused on
developing its flagship product, the operating system, I think the
community would have a great advantage if the project would already host
national mailing lists, which should only be used for questions in the
rare cases where the person doesn't understand English, but mainly to
coordinate activities which have a national scope.

These mailing lists could be used to discuss upcoming events and
conferences, but could also be used for discussions about translations
of the documentation.

Is there a reason why such mailing lists don't exist yet? If not, what
kind of procedures should one follow to create a mailing list for a
certain language?

 Ed Schouten <ed at>
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