Anyone know of a pre ready presentation for Alternatives to Microsoft?

Julian Stacey jhs at
Mon Nov 27 12:05:26 PST 2006

Anyone know of a pre- ready presentation for Alternatives To Microsoft ?

I've been asked to give a presentation (in English) to a bunch of
engineers in Munich end of Jan 2007.  On the basis "A good engineer
is a lazy engineer",  I'm asking before I write my own.

I am _Not_ inviting a long thread, to rehash old well worn opinions
of PD src/ etc.  It'd bore me silly to read, let alone respond ;-)
& be very inefficient & achieve nothing useful to me.  I have decades
of experience as an engineer & with Unix/BSD & have a BSD group
here to back me up with ideas & criticism verbally & localy, faster,
more efficient than typing etc :-)

What I don't have, but seek is a set of beamer slides I could
leverage from to save me time. (BTW I could equally leverage from
German or perhaps French slides if existant). I could also leverage
from a linux based slide set prob faster than starting from scratch,
or at least for inspiration.

Anyone know of a similar presention pre-exisiting, Re. Unix that I
could leverage from (& give credit to) ?  Of course if I have to
write my own, I'll make mine public on web for others to leverage

I'll probably use a beamer with /usr/ports/misc/magicpoint unless
advised better ? (I dont fancy open office bloat to show
.pps, & dont particularly want to learn how to prepare .pps slides,
(though I'll probably show a few .pss) from a different topic to show that
power point presentations are also showable under BSD.

I've bcc'd this to Berkeley In Munich where
Ernst has volunteered to help me, & others welcome too, but prob.
best focus short discussion searching for URLs for now via list
freebsd-advocacy at, Then later, nearer date doubtless
some local mail to BIM's list.

URLs to presentations welcome. Thanks

Julian Stacey.  BSD Unix C Net Consultancy, Munich/Muenchen
Mail Ascii, not HTML.		Ihr Rauch = mein allergischer Kopfschmerz.

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