Anyone know of a pre ready presentation for Alternatives to Microsoft?

rob_spellberg emailrob at
Mon Nov 27 14:09:45 PST 2006

this is exactly the kind of thing that i could use in
   a training concept that i am launching in early 2007.

one of my foci is on startups/entrepreneurs and their limited funds, e. g.,
   licensing fees,
   open_source in general,
   make_versus_buy in general,
   "the unix way",
   the joy of diy,
   inexpensive networking,
   more inexpensive machines [ servers and content ],
   fewer expensive machines [ graphics and presentation ].

my target audience for this focus is new members of local chambers of commerce.

now, i can do most of this myself for those areas with which i am familiar,
   but there are other areas [ some of which i --would-- actually remember ],
   with which i have little contact, where i wouldn't do such a good job.
for example, i am just --not-- a multimedia kind of guy
   [ on computers, anyway; i --love-- film - go figure ].

i particularly like the idea of incorporating
   some one or more things produced by someone else,
   to whom i then give prominent credit,
   because it tangibly demonstrates the existence of our global community.

perhaps there is something i can contribute?

[ hmmm ... [ pause for rumination ].
   isn't this the kind of thing that ought to be on the website for downloading?

i am subscribed to -advocacy.


Julian Stacey wrote:
> Anyone know of a pre- ready presentation for Alternatives To Microsoft ?
> [ snip ]

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