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This advisory is based on exclusive insiders/agents information. (AVLN.OB) 
Avalon Energy Corporation has an undivided 85% working interest in the Shotgun Draw Prospect in the prolific natural gas producing Uinta Basin , located in the US Rockies, Utah . The lease comprises 13,189 acres with a potential 4 TCF recoverable gas and is overpressured by a 0.55 . 0.85 gradient. 

at 11 cents its a STEAL

- Volume: 389,001
- Volume: + 50% 
- Price: +5.77%

The key to any tade is buying low and selling high, WELL the energy market has bottomed out and time to get in is now. We specialise in calling market bottom and when it comes to energy THIS IS THE BOTTOM, SO GET IN FOLKS

"This arrest really does help with some of the closure, the healing that we in the Forest Service community, and in the families, need," said Jeanne Wade Evans, the San Bernardino National Forest supervisor.
Small planes could previously fly below 1,100 feet along the river without filing flight plans or checking in with air traffic control. The FAA said the rule change -- a temporary one -- was made for safety reasons.
"The truth is the Democrats can't answer that question," Bush said. "Harsh criticism is not a plan for victory. Second guessing is not a strategy.
Oyler "adamantly denies involvement in this fire and in any of these fires," attorney Mark McDonald said outside court. "He's very distraught and scared ... The finger is pointing at him."

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