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Warren Smith warren at
Thu Jun 23 14:46:21 GMT 2005

Julian H. Stacey said:
>> describes advocacy@ as:
>> "Furthering the Use of FreeBSD
>> Share ideas and plan to increase the number of companies and
>> individuals using FreeBSD".
> Fine
>> The original poster had an idea that he thought could increase the
>> number of FreeBSD users, as well as allowing it to target new
>> usergroups. If that does not fit the description, I dont know what does.
> Topics drift. Respondents drift.
> Many writers clearly have no intention of doing anything but chatting.
> Preaching to the choir is not useful.
> Organising external advocacy is useful.
I agree that the "Explaining FreeBSD features" thread drifted
significantly and that I may have been part of that drift.  Ted's original
response to Fafa's efforts was thought provoking.  It made me ponder what
groups we should be targeting for our advocacy efforts.  Ted seemed to
have some insight into the composition of the FreeBSD community and I
wanted to discuss advocacy within that context.

I don't post to the list often, mostly because I rarely feel I have
anything to contribute.  I suppose that some would say that I NEVER do. 
Perhaps I should have kept my recent disuccsion with Ted off-list.  I
considered it, but felt that defining what types of people are potential
FreeBSD 'converts' was important and might be useful to other subscribers.

Was I wrong in that assumption?

Warren Smith
warren at

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