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Mon Feb 14 19:04:23 PST 2005

On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 10:53:23PM -0500, Steve Ireland wrote:
> This leads to a suggestion others have already made, a splitting 
> of FBSD into hobbyist and professional branches. The hobbyists 
> keep Beastie, the .org site, and the non-profit status. The 
> professionals get the new logo, the .com site, and pay for use 
> and support (perhaps an annual subscription?).

Quite frankly, I don't understand the current push for
a "commercial-friendly" logo on behalf of the FreeBSD Project.

There have always been a few companies that provided
a commercial version on CDs, and nobody would have any
objections that these companies use their own logos to
push their own version (or an unmodified version) of
FreeBSD into the enterprise.

This is similar to SuSE, RedHat and others who use their own
logos to distribute the one and only Linux kernel and
an assorted set of libraries and utilities. "Linux" itself
doesn't have a logo either (if we followed the party line
that Tux and Beastie were mascots and not logos).

The FreeBSD Project should IMHO remain vendor neutral,
and stick to code development. There's absolutely no need
to commercialize anything; much less need for any kind of
logo. The project did very well without a logo (and with
Beastie), and there's no reason to have one now, just to
appease those zealots (as you've pointed out). Just leave
this to the vendors.

> Steve Ireland


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