please, a little sanity about the logo

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Mon Feb 14 17:39:50 PST 2005


it looks like your e-mail got delayed for some time.

Steve Ireland wrote:
> As a rule I don't post to mailing lists, especially about bike sheds, 
> but I have seen a firestorm on this list and questions@ concerning the 
> logo and most of them are vitriol or hysteria or vitriolic hysteria.

I have no idea how this could have been started.

> This leads to the first question, should the logo be changed.

I never have heard this question.

> 0. Dedicated marketing department - The Foundation as it currently 
> exists is clearly insufficient to meet FBSD's needs. You think Redhat or 
> Suse don't have one?

This is the main difference I mentioned some time ago. Linux has a 
corporate structure behind. It is this support FreeBSD lacks.

A lot of activities are started with this but those activities do not 
have a target.


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