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Mon Mar 8 03:38:51 PST 2004

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004 1:39:52 -0500
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> [This isn't offtopic, I just rant a bit first, sorry :p]

Like Joe Sixpack is ever gonna install an OS by himself.
Why concentrate on the installer bit when talking about GUI enhancement ?
Yes, when using windows (or redhat for that matter) you get to reinstall 
your OS quite often, with FreeBSD on the other hand it is a rare occasion.
So why spill so much energy on something so little used ?

I'd say you need to concentrate on a desktop environment when you want
more userbase. Kick out crashy KDE and must-be-1337 gnome and create a 
decent environment created around the user instead of around technology.
I really doubt the gnome or kde guys ever heard of usability.
I'm not saying windows is all that, definitely not, but kde/gnome are just
a nightmare for not-so-technical users. 

Besides that i can't really imagine why anybody would still believe that
the 'windows method' of seeing files as icons and such are the way to go.
After all those years there must have been a better method developed.

Lets just take that and put it in a new BSD licensed desktop environment.
Or atleast build a solid API for UI calls system wide.

Yeah yeah, i'll go back to sleep now, continue dreaming.  :)

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