A case of FreeBSD users shooting all FreeBSD users in the foot?

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at 401.cx
Sat Oct 11 08:02:28 PDT 2003

Samy Al Bahra wrote:
> Give EFnet #FreeBSD a try then :)
> In all seriousness, the channel is run pretty fairly (meaning trolls are
> usually kicked off the channel), sane questions are answered. Yes, that
> is right, usually answered with links to documentation. The channel
> operators will ban or kick out a user if he repeatedly ignores these
> references (or is rude, etc...).

I used to be a frequent visitor of #freebsd at efnet a few years ago, and I 
must say that the channel was everything but friendly to newcomers.
People were kicked for everything and nothing. They might just politely 
ask a question that was answered in the FAQ, they might come from a ISP 
that one of the op's didnt like, they might have a nick that someone 
found difficult to type or an op could just decide that they didnt like 
the user so the user should not be allowed to be there.
The discussions in the channel were rarely BSD related, or even computer 
related. The most frequently used words were probably "penis" and/or 
"poop". Even if the channel usually had several hundreds of users, the 
people that actually dared to say something could be counted on one hand.

Granted, I have not visited the channel lately. The reason I frequented 
Efnet has disappeared, and #freebsd alone was probably more a reason to 
leave then to stay. If the channel has changed for the better, noone 
would like it more then me, but I find it hard to believe.

Just my $0.02


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