Retail Boxed Products in the Handbook

Robert Bruce rab at
Mon May 26 07:28:40 PDT 2003

Ceri Davies <ceri at> said...
>You'll see that we have Frys and CompUSA listed as retailers of boxed sets.
>Well CompUSA have told us that they don't stock these anymore;

Hi Ceri,
An employee of CompUSA said that, but he was (partly) mistaken.
CompUSA has pulled the current FreeBSD box product from their
shelves, but they intend to stock the next edition.  By the
time the 3rd Ed. Handbook is printed, they should have it back
on the shelf.

>does anybody
>know if Frys still do, or is anyone in a position to call one and enquire?

There is a Fry's about four blocks from me (in Sunnyvale CA), and
everytime I go there I check so see if they have FreeBSD on the
shelf.  They do a pretty bad job of managing their inventory, so
it can be on the shelf for a month or so, then they sell out and
another month goes by before they display it again.  But they do
carry the product.

Another store that carries the FreeBSD box product is MicroCenter.
They do a much better job than Fry's of keeping it on the shelf.
But I don't know how widespread MicroCenter stores are.  They have
them in the Midwest, and there are a couple here in California, but
I don't know where else.


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