Retail Boxed Products in the Handbook

Eric Anderson anderson at
Mon May 26 08:13:36 PDT 2003

Ceri Davies wrote:

>Please cast your eye over to Appendix A of the Handbook, and the section
>titled "Retail Boxed Products".  I'll wait.
>You'll see that we have Frys and CompUSA listed as retailers of boxed sets.
>Well CompUSA have told us that they don't stock these anymore; does anybody
>know if Frys still do, or is anyone in a position to call one and enquire?
>I'm thinking of removing this section altogether, and it's been suggested to
>me that I enlist your folks help in trying to whip up a list of retailers who
>really do stock FreeBSD boxed sets, to try and save the section.
>If there's no interest in doing this, then that's fine too.
>I propose to remove the section on June 15th, so you have until then.

I'll check some local stores today/tomorrow and let you know what I find 
- I'll try to hit a Fry's, CompUSA, and BestBuy.  Another place opening 
up soon near me is an "Ultimate Electronics" - if they don't carry it 
(whenever they open), we should maybe make a few phone calls and see if 
we can get it stocked.  


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