Re: [PATCH] OvmfPkg/BhyveBhf: install bhyve's ACPI tables

From: Peter Grehan <>
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2023 21:54:21 UTC
> Using the qemu fwcfg has one big disadvantage:
> Bhyve's fwctl and qemu's fwcfg can't be used at the same time. Due to
> backward compatibility reasons, bhyve uses fwctl as default. So, using
> qemu's fwcfg to locate the rsdp only works, if the user changes his
> bhyve call.
> I don't want to use fwctl to locate the rsdp because IMHO we should
> migrate to fwcfg. So, we shouldn't add new features to fwctl.

  Ah ok.

> Btw: I'm also preparing some patches to support qemu's acpi table
> loader. So, if we like to use qemu's fwcfg, we should use the loader
> instead of an own baked solution.

  Yes: that's a much better solution. The bhyve-generated ones are very