Re: I want to help maintain vscode build with electron25 and codelite

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2023 06:46:36 UTC
* Scott Zhang <> [20230906 10:28]:
>      As vscode and codelite is my 2 mainly used ide, when I switch to
> freebsd, I find they are not in repo. So I compile them myself.
>      I have successfully build vscode against electron25 and get the
> pkg ready, I setup my own repo on
>      And I build codelite with latest code 17.7.0 with some code and
> link fix. But have not make ports autobuild work yet.

I don't know about codelite, but vscode is in my local package list and
builds just fine in poudriere, there isn't any issue maintaining the

The reason there is no package is, as far as I know, building electron
was causing issues on the package builders (getting stuck and running
into timeouts), so it's blacklisted from package builds. I don't see
these issues here locally, although it is of course a massive build.

I opened a PR about this issue some time ago:

Cheers, Felix

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