Re: I want to help maintain vscode build with electron25 and codelite

From: Space Cadet <>
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2023 16:06:01 UTC
codelite builds and works from sources, with some patches.  I think there
is an issue with Eran, the author of codelite.  I have to guess about this.
Eran can correct me if I am wrong.  It feels to me like he doesn't want to
have codelite as a freebsd package because
the package system design results in a an app that doesn't run through his
'paywall'.  its not a paywall exactly.  its a free program
but for a normal user to download a new release, she has to navigate a
contribution option.
its a great IDE so it is worth doing something to make it easier to run it
on freebsd, but I don't know what that would be.

On Tue, Sep 5, 2023 at 11:46 PM Felix Palmen <> wrote:

> * Scott Zhang <> [20230906 10:28]:
> >      As vscode and codelite is my 2 mainly used ide, when I switch to
> > freebsd, I find they are not in repo. So I compile them myself.
> >      I have successfully build vscode against electron25 and get the
> > pkg ready, I setup my own repo on
> >      And I build codelite with latest code 17.7.0 with some code and
> > link fix. But have not make ports autobuild work yet.
> I don't know about codelite, but vscode is in my local package list and
> builds just fine in poudriere, there isn't any issue maintaining the
> port.
> The reason there is no package is, as far as I know, building electron
> was causing issues on the package builders (getting stuck and running
> into timeouts), so it's blacklisted from package builds. I don't see
> these issues here locally, although it is of course a massive build.
> I opened a PR about this issue some time ago:
> Cheers, Felix
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