Re: On what days are the git servers available to obtain the ports tree?

From: John Kennedy <>
Date: Tue, 03 May 2022 14:33:06 UTC
On Mon, May 02, 2022 at 01:37:47PM -0700, Chris wrote:
> ...  I can clone the github hosted mirror && make the changes. But that
> removes the one-true-source factor, adds additional steps to a procedure
> that should "Just Work".
> Which is the real question. Why doesn't it Just Work? Clearly there is a
> problem with the FreeBSD git based system. ...
> ... The web pages work. But the git(1) service(s) don't. Why && shouldn't
> everyone care as to why they don't?

  I've been using git with FreeBSD since svn days and haven't seen the
issues you describe.  My ports is currently set up like this:

	# (cd /usr/ports && git remote -v)
	origin (fetch)
	origin (push)

(not sure why it isn't SSH like my src, but works for this talk)

  I refresh it just by doing another "git pull".  I'm assuming most
people are in my situation, and I'm just sort of waiting to see some
information for why you're different.

  This particular box is a digital ocean VM, so 2 CPUs and 512MiB of RAM?
Very underpowered compared to my home system (also has no issues).  About
the only thing that is interesting there is it has IPv6, so every now and
then I stumble across IPv6 misconfiguration, usually for getting port
tarballs but I imagine it could qualify for anything that might be hiding
behind one of the major content providers like github.