Re: On what days are the git servers available to obtain the ports tree?

From: Chris <>
Date: Tue, 03 May 2022 17:42:57 UTC
On 2022-05-03 07:33, John Kennedy wrote:
> On Mon, May 02, 2022 at 01:37:47PM -0700, Chris wrote:
>> ...  I can clone the github hosted mirror && make the changes. But that
>> removes the one-true-source factor, adds additional steps to a procedure
>> that should "Just Work".
>> Which is the real question. Why doesn't it Just Work? Clearly there is a
>> problem with the FreeBSD git based system. ...
>> ... The web pages work. But the git(1) service(s) don't. Why && shouldn't
>> everyone care as to why they don't?
>   I've been using git with FreeBSD since svn days and haven't seen the
> issues you describe.  My ports is currently set up like this:
> 	# (cd /usr/ports && git remote -v)
> 	origin (fetch)
> 	origin (push)
> (not sure why it isn't SSH like my src, but works for this talk)
>   I refresh it just by doing another "git pull".  I'm assuming most
> people are in my situation, and I'm just sort of waiting to see some
> information for why you're different.
I'm not like most people. I rode the "special" bus to school. ;-)
Seriously, on a yearly average I pull down the ports repo 1 times/month.
I do all my development work in jails. I spin them up, and destroy them
when I'm done. While I do have an image for every version of jail I
create. I don't keep a ports tree. I would consider it. But I've got a
very fat pipe, and I don't pull the tree down often enough to consider
it abusive | harmful. In fact, it appears that I may have possibly exposed
something. :-)
But frankly. You're probably right in thinking that it's enough to git
stash or otherwise undo all my changes && git up... O crap, that's svn. I
mean; git pull. ;-)
>   This particular box is a digital ocean VM, so 2 CPUs and 512MiB of RAM?
> Very underpowered compared to my home system (also has no issues).  About
> the only thing that is interesting there is it has IPv6, so every now and
> then I stumble across IPv6 misconfiguration, usually for getting port
> tarballs but I imagine it could qualify for anything that might be hiding
> behind one of the major content providers like github.
In the end. I should probably create a mirror/clone of the freebsd ports tree
on either my GitLab, or Codeberg account && just pull it down from there.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, John! :-)