Re: anki latest? (FIXED - read for details)

From: Pau Amma <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2022 20:20:05 UTC
On 2022-01-25 01:49, Jan Beich wrote:
> Pau Amma <> writes:
>> o/~
>> Whatever became of anki?
> Seems fine. FreshPorts nowadays provides package availability table.


>> Is something wrong with the package builders? I just noticed that a
>> long-deferred pkg upgrade would delete anki, which I use daily, so
>> after checking the port hadn't gone away,
> Run "pkg check -d" or beware of dragons. pkg(8) always tries to fix
> inconsistencies, so it may try to remove existing packages or install
> unrelated stuff because something was forcefully removed/reinstalled
> some time ago.

That may have been the case here. After "pkg check -d" (which reported 
nothing), "pkg upgrade" still wanted to deinstall it, but going ahead 
(after "bectl create") then reinstalling it worked. In hindsight, the 
change from python37 to python38 by default may have been the reason, 
but I don't know why "pkg upgrade" didn't just reinstall anki then.

> For example, mixing ports and packages can easily lead
> to such a situation.

I was warned against that, and have by and large stuck to packages. (I 
think I've only needed to use a port was for drm-(mumble) when upgrading 
from 12.1 to 12.2, as the package stopped working and IIRC still didn't 
after "pkg upgrade -f".)

>> I checked, and for
>> 122amd64 default, it states: queued 5639, built 5195, failed 47,
>> skipped 73, and ignored 324. That sounds very low. (And I'm not sure
>> it explains why anki is gone from packages. Is a dependency broken?)
> Better use the following workflow:
> 1. Open
> 2. Type desired major version + architecture in Search field e.g., 
> 130amd64
> 3. Look at Status column for stopped:done
> 4. Look at Build column then click on poudriere icon (smoking powder 
> keg)
> 5. In poudriere page type desired package name in *every* Search field
> 6. PROFIT: anki is green (built) on amd64 and yellow (ignored) on i386

I didn't go straight to that URL. I followed something similar to this 
procedure until step 4 where I clicked on the funnel icon instead, as I 
remember being told to in IRC when I asked a similar question. It was 
not seeing it either in the pkg-status report or in my local package 
database that started me worrying.

But anyway, the problem is now fixed and anki works. Thanks.