Re: anki latest?

From: Jan Beich <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 01:49:03 UTC
Pau Amma <> writes:

> o/~
> Whatever became of anki?
> Has anyone heard of it?
> Is it broken? Ignored?
> Perhaps deprecated?
> Is a dependency
> Broken?
> o/~

Seems fine. FreshPorts nowadays provides package availability table.

> Is something wrong with the package builders? I just noticed that a
> long-deferred pkg upgrade would delete anki, which I use daily, so
> after checking the port hadn't gone away,

Run "pkg check -d" or beware of dragons. pkg(8) always tries to fix
inconsistencies, so it may try to remove existing packages or install
unrelated stuff because something was forcefully removed/reinstalled
some time ago. For example, mixing ports and packages can easily lead
to such a situation.

> I checked, and for
> 122amd64 default, it states: queued 5639, built 5195, failed 47,
> skipped 73, and ignored 324. That sounds very low. (And I'm not sure
> it explains why anki is gone from packages. Is a dependency broken?)

Better use the following workflow:

1. Open
2. Type desired major version + architecture in Search field e.g., 130amd64
3. Look at Status column for stopped:done
4. Look at Build column then click on poudriere icon (smoking powder keg)
5. In poudriere page type desired package name in *every* Search field
6. PROFIT: anki is green (built) on amd64 and yellow (ignored) on i386