Re: anki latest? (FIXED - read for details)

From: Sysadmin Lists <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2022 23:32:16 UTC
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> From: Pau Amma <>
> Sent: Wed Jan 26 21:20:05 CET 2022
> To: Jan Beich <>
> Cc: Freebsd ports <>
> Subject: Re: anki latest? (FIXED -  read for details)
> On 2022-01-25 01:49, Jan Beich wrote:
> > Pau Amma <> writes:
> > For example, mixing ports and packages can easily lead
> > to such a situation.
> I was warned against that, and have by and large stuck to packages. (I 
> think I've only needed to use a port was for drm-(mumble) when upgrading 
> from 12.1 to 12.2, as the package stopped working and IIRC still didn't 
> after "pkg upgrade -f".)

I've been mixing ports and packages without issue for years. There are a dozen
programs whose defaults don't fit my environment, so I build those with poudriere.

This works for me:
1. build with poudriere
2. give poudriere repo lowest priority rating in .../pkg/repos/local.conf
3. lock the poudriere packages
4. update / upgrade all non-locked packages
5. unlock and update / upgrade all locked packages

And now that poudriere is able to download build-requirements from FreeBSD's repo, it only
builds the dozen programs plus anything required by the custom settings. If you tell pkg not
to change repos inside the pkg.conf, it doesn't stomp over your poudriere-built packages.

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