Re: ClamAV requiring COMPAT_FREEBSD11

From: Yasuhiro Kimura <>
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 11:45:40 UTC
From: Yasuhiro Kimura <>
Subject: Re: ClamAV requiring COMPAT_FREEBSD11
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 20:08:34 +0900 (JST)

> From: Andrea Venturoli <>
> Subject: ClamAV requiring COMPAT_FREEBSD11
> Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2022 12:49:11 +0200
>> Hello.
>> I build clamav-0.105.1,1 (from quarterly branch) in Poudriere and I've
>> always used it without problems.
>> Suddenly last night freshclam started dying on a few machines: it turn
>> out it prints "bad system call", due to the lack of COMPAT_FREEBSD11
>> in the kernel.
>> Strangely it's been working with those kernels for years.
>> In any case, I'm trying to find a way out of this: I really wouldn't
>> want to install a new kernel on a remote machine, considering the
>> customers might be on the verge of closing for holidays, so I might
>> not have the chance to go and fix it in case of troubles.
>> OTOH I can't leave ClamAV without DB updates for weeks, so I'm
>> investigating if an alternative exists.
>> Why this requirement?
>> Is there a way to recompile ClamAV in order to let freshclam work
>> without this kernel support?
>> Thanks.
>>  bye
>> 	av.
> Commit updating security/clamav to 0.105.1,1 isn't merged to current
> (2022Q3) quarterly branch. So if you really build with quarterly
> branch and get 0.105.1,1, it is very likely you make something wrong
> with building clamav package.
> And please provide following imformation.
> * Your rchitecture
> * Your OS version (both host and jail)
> * Your options setting
> Best Regards.

Oops, I misunderstood COMPAT_FREEBSD11 support of kernel with
installing misc/compat11 package. And yes, as Milan explained in other
message, COMPAT_FREEBSD11 support of kernel is required to run clamav
0.105.0 or later and it is because rust is used to build part of it.
I'm suprised if 0.105.1 worked fine without COMPAT_FREEBSD11.

Yasuhiro Kimura