Re: ClamAV requiring COMPAT_FREEBSD11

From: Andrea Venturoli <>
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 12:18:01 UTC
On 8/4/22 13:45, Yasuhiro Kimura wrote:

>> Commit updating security/clamav to 0.105.1,1 isn't merged to current
>> (2022Q3) quarterly branch.

Sure. I cherry-picked it myself.
(Since it's a *security* update, I think it should go into quarterly, 
but that's irrelevant).

>> * Your rchitecture


>> * Your OS version (both host and jail)


> COMPAT_FREEBSD11 support of kernel is required to run clamav
> 0.105.0 or later and it is because rust is used to build part of it.

Thanks for the info.
(That doesn't improve my opinion on Rust, but that's again another story).

> I'm suprised if 0.105.1 worked fine without COMPAT_FREEBSD11.

So it seems I'll need to recompile the kernel :(

  bye & Thanks