Re: About GIT and committing submissions

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2021 12:23:09 UTC
* Robert Clausecker <> [20211016 14:11]:
> However, I would like to keep the shar guidelines.  Submitting a port as a
> shar is a very simple way to do so if you have not set up a complete
> development environment with git.  If you don't have your ports tree under
> git, it is difficult to produce a new port as a git-style patch.

Thanks, I see, for people not using GIT, this is simpler at first. But
if I'm not mistaken, shar will only work for initially adding a new
port? So, once you actually start *maintaining* it, you'll have to come
up with a patch anyways. You'd probably try to create one with diff,
become frustrated quickly, and finally just install git to avoid the

But please correct me if I'm wrong :)

BR, Felix

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