Re: About GIT and committing submissions

From: Robert Clausecker <>
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2021 13:55:34 UTC
Hi Felix,

Using diff -r to make patches works, too.  I used to do stuff like this:

    cd /usr/ports
    cp -r foo/bar foo/bar.orig
    ... hack hack hack ...
    diff -r foo/bar.orig foo/bar

and it worked fine for making patches against the ports tree (unless files
were added or deleted).  The important part is having a flatter learning
curve where you don't demand to keep the entire ports tree in a git
repository from someone just starting to get used to it.  And no longer
supporting ports submitted as shar files will have this effect.

Robert Clausecker

Am Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 02:23:09PM +0200 schrieb Felix Palmen:
> * Robert Clausecker <> [20211016 14:11]:
> > However, I would like to keep the shar guidelines.  Submitting a port as a
> > shar is a very simple way to do so if you have not set up a complete
> > development environment with git.  If you don't have your ports tree under
> > git, it is difficult to produce a new port as a git-style patch.
> Thanks, I see, for people not using GIT, this is simpler at first. But
> if I'm not mistaken, shar will only work for initially adding a new
> port? So, once you actually start *maintaining* it, you'll have to come
> up with a patch anyways. You'd probably try to create one with diff,
> become frustrated quickly, and finally just install git to avoid the
> madness…
> But please correct me if I'm wrong :)
> BR, Felix
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